The best bluegrass west of the Mississippi River!

2018 Line-Up

Sound provided by: Old Blue Sound

River Bluegrass Festival 


The Central Valley Boys are dedicated to paying homage to the greats of the beautiful and fertile Central Valley of California.  
No frills or fancy stuff, just down home Bluegrass music at it's finest.   A Central Valley Boys show typically includes songs performed in the traditional style in respect to Vern Williams. The greatest Bluegrass musician to live in California.  Songs like "Bald Knob Arkansas" and "Oh Susannah!" done in the traditional style can be heard at a Central Valley Boys show.   Thank you Vern for bring the true Bluegrass Sound to California.  

Other great musical acts from the central valley were The Farmer Boys, Bobby Adamson and Woody Murray.  Like the great Vern Williams; The Farmer Boys were originally from Arkansas.  They met as teens in Farmerville, CA., singing together at a jukebox.  The Farmer Boys recorded in the mid '50s with a young Buck Owens playing the guitar.  Their  music is part of the "Bakersfield" sound.  Although it's not Bluegrass, we find many of their songs lend themselves to The Central Valley Boys sound.

Of course, a Central Valley Boys show would be quite sparse without songs from the great first generation Bluegrass band, The Stanley Brothers.  Carter and Ralph Stanley, from McClure Virginia in the Clinch Mountains brought their distinctive "Clinch Mountain music" to the world.  Carter wrote and sang some of the music ever rendered with his Brother Ralph singing high tenor and adding his distinctive banjo sound.  The Bluegrass world would not be the same today without the Stanley Brothers.


Marty Warburton & Home Girls bring a sound unlike any other. Bluegrass and Gospel come together with tight harmonies that only a family band can create.

​​​Friday, Feb 9
Rotary Park Bullhead City

Wristbands $20

9:00am          Flint Hill Special      
10:00am        Marty Warburton & The Home Girls  
11:00pm        Scattered Grass
12:00pm        Old Blue Band
1:00pm          Lunch Break
2:00pm          Scattered Grass
3:00pm          Old Blue Band

4:00pm          Marty Warburton & The Home Girls


Saturday, Feb 10
Rotary Park Bullhead City

Wristbands $20

9:00am          Old Blue Band       
10:00am        Scattered Grass
11:00am        David Parmley & Cardinal Tradtion

12:00pm        The Blue J's
1:00pm          Central Valley Boys

2:00pm          Flint Hill Special
3:00pm          Marty Warburton & The Home Girls
4:00pm          The Blue J's
5:00pm          Central Valley Boys

​6:00pm          David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition

Sunday, Feb 11
Rotary Park Bullhead City

Wristbands $20

9:00am          Central Valley Boys            
10:00am        The Blue J's
11:00am         Scattered Grass
12:00pm         David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition
1:00pm           Flint Hill Special
2:00pm           The Blue J's
3:00pm           Old Blue Band
4:00pm           Central Valley Boys
5:00pm           David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition



“OLD BLUE” is a bluegrass band. They play bluegrass music the old fashioned way, with much attention paid to the original music of the founders of the style. Folks like Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, Flatt and Scruggs. The band is dedicated to the preservation of the music from the past and the continued presentation of its character in the present day. They leave the future development of this music to a new generation.

“OLD BLUE” are seasoned professionals who have played this style for decades. They are some of the best in the business from the western United States. Band members are: Dick Brown on banjo and vocals, Thomas Porter on guitar and  vocals, Jim Govern on mandolin and vocals, Bob Denoncourt on bass and vocals,  Marty Warburton on guitar and vocals, and Alvin Blaine on dobro (and other instruments). These gentlemen present bluegrass music the way it was in the early days.


The Blue J's are an exciting band of young men from Norcal playing traditional bluegrass music in the style and likenesses of artists like Frank Wakefield, Don Reno, and Del McCoury. With youthful energy and deep traditional roots, The Blue J's stand out!

Band Members
Josh Gooding- Mandolin
Jesse Personeni- Banjo
Jake Gooding- Bass
John Gooding- Guitar
Jack Kinny- Fiddle


Talented veteran musicians from all over the country finally come together in Tucson to create great hard-driving traditional bluegrass and gospel music in the style of Flatt & Scruggs, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Kenny Baker, Osborne Brothers, Larry Sparks and others.”

Bob Frankot, Central California

​Shannon Petrovich, Maine
Upright Bass, Harmony/Lead Vocals

Sue Krider, Southern California
Upright Bass
​Dallas Chapter of Scattered Grass

Larry Conley, Ohio
Guitar, Lead/Harmony Vocals

Rudy Cortese, New York
Banjo, Harmony/Lead Vocals

Mark Krider, North Carolina
Banjo, Guitar, Baritone Vocals
Banjo & Guitar Lessons
Dallas Chapter of Scattered Grass

Alvin Blaine, Frequent Guest Musician
Dobro, Guitar, Vocals

Billy Parker, Frequent Guest Musician
Mandolin, Vocals



Flint Hill Special is an Arizona based Bluegrass Band established in 1984 by Glen Wilbourn. The band with ties to New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas, and Oklahoma, has been featured on radio, television bluegrass concerts and festivals throughout the Southwest and Mid-western states.

This award winning band has developed a distinctive style in its delivery of traditional bluegrass music. The band's contagious enthusiasm, which often brings the audience to its feet with delight, continues to inject fresh energy and excitement on and off stage.This group of professional musicians, with diverse backgrounds, share the same love for bluegrass music, and it shows

15th Annual Colorado 

We have a great line up this year featuring bands such as David Parmley and Cardinal Tradition, The Blue J's, Flint Hill Special, Old Blue Band, Scattered Grass, Central Valley Boys, and Marty Warburton and the Homegirls.


All of these faces will be recognized by long time Bluegrass fans. This quintet has over 180 years of experience performing in the Bluegrass genre. 2016 is the breakout year for this configuration. All of the members have played together in different bands as well as the Original Bluegrass Cardinals or Continental Divide. As the name suggests, this band is bringing back the songs and sounds of The Bluegrass Cardinals. The Cardinals were at the top of the Bluegrass heap from 1976 to 1991. They will be bringing back the smooth three and four part harmonies the Cardinals were renowned for. They are also creating new recordings featuring great old Bluegrass Cardinal classics and new songs that fit perfectly with the originals. Watch for them at a Festival or Concert series in your area.

David Parmley began his musical career at age 15 and by the time he turned 17, he began his full time career as a member of The Bluegrass Cardinals. That band featured his father, Don Parmley, and three Los Angeles musicians. In 1975 they made their way to the Washington DC area and began performing several nights a week for several years. David's lead and baritone voice was the backbone to The Cardinal sound. Dozens of musicians have worked with David and Don over the years but "The Sound" remained constant. The Bluegrass Cardinals recorded dozens of projects during their 25 year run. The material is considered the finest to come out of the 70's and 80's Bluegrass era. David left The Bluegrass Cardinals in the 90's to pursue a solo career featuring a more modern approach to Bluegrass Music. David Parmley and Continental Divide topped the Bluegrass Charts throughout the 90's. He took time off the road around 2008, but now in 2016, David is returning to Bluegrass Music with a new renewed spirit. Cardinal Tradition is an exciting new adventure and one that everyone has been waiting for..